Prez — Why It’s Great

I was never a Prez fan.

What I remember of the original run was that it had a B-Movie “so bad it’s good” quality to it.

Anonymous figures into the future world of Prez
When I heard DC was reviving the title for the DCYou launch, I was a little surprised but not interested. I’ve pretty much abandoned DC’s current output. There are no regular books I buy from them.

I came across DC’s free previews online (Hey! Free Comics, Kids –> Prez preview on Comixology & Prez preview on DC and read the Prez short story. It had its moments but it was only “ok”.

Then I read this review/appeal by Devon Sanders on BleedingCool. Now this sounded like a really excellent comic.

So I went and bought #1–3 and enjoyed the crap out of them.

This comic is smart and funny. It has sharply-aimed social & political satire but also the kind of deep character work jaded comic fans like myself want from modern comics.

Unfortunately, with the history of the name and without having a big name creator attached to it, the book likely won’t sell as well as it should. I’ve already heard from one comicshop manager that she buys the minimum and won’t restock it. She said she hasn’t read it and isn’t likely to.

So I, like Sanders, am making an apeal to fans to buy the book. I won’t rehash what he says because he said it so much better (i.e. go read his post). But I hear what you’re saying…..

“Ed, why should I buy this comic? It’s 4 issues in. I could buy the trade. Does Batman guest star?”

C’mon. You know you won’t buy the trade despite your good intentions. If the trade comes out the same week as ALL-NEW X-MEN VOL 4, you’ll spend the money on that rather than PREZ VOL 1.

No, my friend, you need to be buying the individual comics.The cover to issue 4 of Prez

It’s the atavistic way sales are still judged in this weird world caught between monthlies, trades, and digital pubs. DC needs to know that the monthlies did well or they won’t do ^%$# to support this book as a trade or otherwise.

For the continuity nuts, there are little mentions here and there referencing the main DCU if that helps you decide.

There are also mentions of the writer’s, Mark Russell‘s, indie book God Is Disappointed In You (which is enlightening and funny as he summarizes the Old Testament in 200+ pages. Funny because there is stuff in the Old Testament where you wonder what some of the people back then were thinking but I digress).

Ok, end of appeal. Please go read the preview or better yet, the monthly books.

OR, let me know in the comments why not.


–> e

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Lois Lane Becomes a Black Woman

I Am Curious (Geek)

Lois Lane transforms into a black woman

From BuzzFeed:

Do You Remember When Lois Lane Tried To Be Black?

Not really. It was a little before my time although I have heard of this story.

“Relevant” comics were the rage in the early 70s but the stories don’t always age well. Did the story seem awkward at the time? I have no idea.

Can Marvel or DC take the same risks today?

They consider it a big deal to have a major character gay or muslim (and it is a big deal) but could they take on a hot issue like police shootings? I remember back in the 90s DC took a lot of heat for a Batman one shot on gun control.

OTOH, they are businesses with shareholders. Making political statements isn’t their business and it is a legitimate issue if doing so conflicts with running a profitable corporation. If you work for a big company, you’ve got to pick your battles if you want to make a statement.

Just because I am curious (geek), I looked up the credits on that issue of Lois Lane (issue 106).

Script: Robert Kanigher
Pencils: Werner Roth
Inks: Vince Colletta

That people are still talking about this comic today says something. Well done, gentlemen.

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Wait… a Batman Night Light? You mean like the Bat Signal? (Check My Comics Listings on eBay)

8 Items Up For Auction

Batman nightlight photo

What? You think this is a library or something? 😉

A new batch of comic related items are now on eBay. Two of the more unusual items are the History of the Comic Strip — a serious academic book — and a Batman Night Light.

I was always under the impression that the night light was from the ’60s since the logo borrowed from the TV show but doing some searching, it turns out it was made in the 80s. I was given it as a gift in the 80s so it makes some sense.

Anyway, please take a moment to check out the items there. Here’s the link, effendi…..

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Peace, Rob

Collecting comics is mostly a solitary thing.

Comics'n'More Store

Sure, the Internet makes it easy to discuss comics with fellow aficionados but offline?

The movies and TV series based on comics have made being a collector more socially acceptable but it’s not like you can have a deep conversation with most people about Bendis or how DC would be a better company if you ran it.

The main offline outlet for regularly discussing this thing we love with like-minded people is the local comics shop. Not only is it a place to meet other fans but the best owners and staff — to my mind — are those who know their store is a social hub and spare time to engage their customers in conversation about the medium.

For the past 18 years, Rob Charpentier, the owner of Comics’N’More, was who I had those conversations with nearly every week.

We sometimes discussed running a small business (something we also had in common) as well as the issues that Life presents us all.

But mostly we talked about comics. While there were times he was cynical, he never lost his love for them.

Others have talked better than I can about the kind of man he was and the kind of example he set. He was a leader in the community — contributing and doing what he felt he could to help. Everyone considered him their friend and he was.

Rob died recently and collecting comics has become that much more lonely without my friend to talk to.

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Theakston’s Kirby Photocopies Misappropriated by Kirby Museum

(From my friend, Mark Luebker’s FaceBook feed…)

Friends, if you’ve ever read a Marvel Comic or seen a Marvel Comics movie, please share this.

Greg Theakston is a friend of mine and is getting a raw deal.

He loaned an irreplaceable collection of photocopies he received from his friend and mentor, the late Jack Kirby–one of two or three people who legitimately can be described as the creators of Marvel Comics–to a guy who runs the online Jack Kirby Museum so those copies could be scanned.

Greg recently asked when the copies would be returned, and now the guy refuses to return them, claiming Greg’s loan was a gift.

Greg Theakston's Kirby Photocopies Misappropriated by Kirby Museum

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