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Peace, Rob

Collecting comics is mostly a solitary thing. Sure, the Internet makes it easy to discuss comics with fellow aficionados but offline? The movies and TV series based on comics have made being a collector more socially acceptable but it’s not … Continue reading

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Theakston’s Kirby Photocopies Misappropriated by Kirby Museum

(From my friend, Mark Luebker’s FaceBook feed…) Friends, if you’ve ever read a Marvel Comic or seen a Marvel Comics movie, please share this. Greg Theakston is a friend of mine and is getting a raw deal. He loaned an … Continue reading

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Savage Hulk and X-Men bundled

A Cool Bonus from Marvel Digital I bought Savage Hulk #1 partially because Alan Davis is a guaranteed good read but also because it guest-starred the X-Men set just after their original run — a favourite era and a favourite … Continue reading

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Who Named Franklin Richards?

From the letters page of Fantastic Four 87 (first series): Dear Stan and Jack, In FF #83, on page 11, you show Sue Richards trying to decide on a name for her baby. Perhaps I can help. Look back to … Continue reading

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The Secret Society of Super-Villains
— Why It’s Great

“I propose we remain a team — a secret society of the super-villain elite!”— Manhunter The 70’s were a good time to be a criminal. Where popular media in the 1930’s saw a fascination in crime, comics in the 1970’s … Continue reading

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