Store Posters vs Collectible Posters

A collectible poster for The Dark Knight series by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley.

A collectible poster for The Dark Knight series. Note the credits.

Last week I had a conversation with the owner of my local comics shop, Comics & More, about the tendency of comic companies to hire fanboys over people with relevant job experience. While are a lot of examples, one is posters.

He receives a lot of posters intended to be hung in the store to promote a new series but they’re designed to be collectibles.

They look good but there is no useful information on the poster like when the series is on sale, if there is a big name creator involved, or even a “on sale here” statement that would make the poster more useful in a store window.

Someone with a sales and/or marketing background wouldn’t be overlooking that basic function of what these “in-store” posters are intended to do.

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