The Box is on eBay!

I finally got my act together and put the Box ‘O’ Comics on eBay!. They are up for 7 days and I’ll report how it goes as the week progresses.

Everything on the What’s in the Box page is there at different prices.

Note that I’m in Canada and the shipping listed assumes the buyer is not. I’ve sold comics on eBay before where the buyer was local and we skipped or modified shipping costs because there was an easy way to drop-off the items.

And of course, buy more than one listing and that greatly reduces your shipping costs as there’s only one package to ship!

Here are the links to the individual listings:

A History of the Comic Strip

Vertigo Lot – Y TPB, Testament TPB, Unknown Soldier TPB, Un-Men #1, Chiaroscuro

DC Lot – 20 comics – incl Bronze Age Nightwing & Flamebird TPB & Byrne Atom

DC Lot – NEW 52 – 8 comics – incl Aquaman & JL Dark

Legion Lot – 1979-82 – 37 comics – Ditko art in some issues

New Guardians Lot – Original Series – 12 comics – Kilowog guest-stars

Independent Lot – 7 comics – incl Gerald Way & John Byrne

Marvel Lot – 11 comics – incl 2 Essentials

Marvel – Stray Toasters -Bill Sienkiewicz – 4 comics

It’s always an experiment putting things on eBay but I’ve had good luck in the past so we’ll see how this goes.

If anyone has any tips or wants to share their experiences with buying/selling comics on eBay, please let me (and others!) know via the comments section below.

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