Comics on eBay – 3 days in, How are we doing?

I put most of the comics on eBay Sunday and the last batch Monday morning. So… howze it goin’?

Here are the audience stats as of a few minutes ago.

eBay auction stats for comics

Wednesday’s eBay auction stats. I’ve edited this to make it more compact otherwise, it fills the browser window.

Nothing has sold yet but the week isn’t over yet. Shall we do some stats & analysis?

It’s interesting that going by Views, the Marvel lot is leading by almost twice everything else. Until recently, Marvel has had more market share than DC so it may reflect that comics fans on eBay are more established fans.

However, it has no Watchers where two other lots do. Having a Watcher doesn’t mean the individual(s) are potential buyers — they might own similar items and are interested to know how my lot does in planning their own strategy.

What also catches my eye is that items listed as “company name – lot” are leading the pack rather than “specific series – lot”.


As a comic shop owning friend’s dad used to say “what? Is this a club house? Go buy something!” 🙂

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