Nerdist Comics Panel Podcast

But for the grace of God, Tony Isabella did not find himself in Addis Ababa in 1975, duct taped to a chair by Len Wein.

Nerdist Comics Writers Panel

I listen to a ton of podcasts.

The majority are work-related. Some are news-related. Only two are comics-related.

Of this later group, there was a happy coincidence where one of the work related podcasts, the Nerdist Writers Podcast, started a sub-series that focussed on comics writing — Nerdist Comics Panel Podcast. It has since spun off into it’s own series.

Aside from the usual host, Ben Blacker, the comics edition is co-hosted by Len Wein, Adam Beechen, and Heath Corson. There is much insight into the behind-the-scenes of comics, as well as the craft, now and over the history of the medium. These gentlemen know it as well as anyone and I suggest better than most.

If you are interested and are wondering where to start, I recommend the show where Tony Isabella is interviewed. He and Len spend a lot time talking about Marvel during the early 1970s.

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