Lois Lane Becomes a Black Woman – I am curious, geek

I Am Curious (Geek)

Lois Lane transforms into a black woman

From BuzzFeed:

Do You Remember When Lois Lane Tried To Be Black?

Not really. It was a little before my time although I have heard of this story.

“Relevant” comics were the rage in the early 70s but the stories don’t always age well. Did the story seem awkward at the time? I have no idea.

Can Marvel or DC take the same risks today?

They consider it a big deal to have a major character gay or muslim (and it is a big deal) but could they take on a hot issue like police shootings? I remember back in the 90s DC took a lot of heat for a Batman one shot on gun control.

OTOH, they are businesses with shareholders. Making political statements isn’t their business and it is a legitimate issue if doing so conflicts with running a profitable corporation. If you work for a big company, you’ve got to pick your battles if you want to make a statement.

Just because I am curious (geek), I looked up the credits on that issue of Lois Lane (issue 106).

Script: Robert Kanigher
Pencils: Werner Roth
Inks: Vince Colletta

That people are still talking about this comic today says something. Well done, gentlemen.

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