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I’ve “talked” to Robert Beerbohm on any number of email lists and on Facebook over the years and I’ve always been impressed by both his knowledge and dedication to comics as a reader and high-level historian.

I’ve bought comics from him in the past and can vouch for his integrity as a seller.

So when I saw this on Facebook, I felt compelled to re-post here. Please consider browsing his online stores. (The ‘snips’ are mine — these are from 3 different posts).

His daughter is due for another brain surgery and he recently suffered a stroke and is in need of income.


I do not have health insurance any more canceled by HMO Aetna in 06 citing undisclosed pre-existing condition having stupidly been honest I was a passenger in a van accident Bud Plant’s Art Books owner Bud was driving back in June 1973 coming out of Houston Comicon. We used to be partners in Comics & Comix Store #1 now in a galaxy far far away a long time ago.

All I have left is a batch of vintage comic books and good graces of friends who have been stepping up to the plate to date. I thank you my friends.

These last couple days in hospital are going to be thousands more I simply do not have anhy more. I wish I was making all this up.


My long time friend Russ Cochran readily agreed to conduct a Feb 25 benefit auction for (Robert’s daughter’s) healing fund which if the spirit moves you please consider sending Russ something for inclusion be it vintage comic book(s), original art, as he volunteered the concept of expanding that horizon.
Please share the links freely!

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