Who Named Franklin Richards?


From the letters page of Fantastic Four 87 (first series):

Dear Stan and Jack,

In FF #83, on page 11, you show Sue Richards trying to decide on a name for her baby. Perhaps I can help. Look back to FF #32, “Death of a Hero”, where Sue’s and Johnny’s father has been kidnapped by the Skrulls. When he is returned to them, he has been mined to kill anyone who comes near him. Rather than do that, he falls to the floor, taking the full force of the blast. What I’m getting at in a kind of round-about way is: why not name the baby “Franklin” after Dr. Franklin Storm?

Sgt. Michael L. Kuhne, Kuhne, AF 19820744, P.O.B 12000
Kessler AFB, Miss. 39534

Franklin Richards… Franklin Richards… you’re right, sarge; it does have a kind of distinguished ring about it. It really is about time we started thinking of the baby’s name… we’ll just haveta see what everybody else thinks before the climatic christening!

Was this the inspiration for the character’s name? The name is kinda obvious in hindsight but this may have been the suggestion that started the ball rolling. I’m willing to give it to the sarge.

Albeit, the character didn’t get named until issue #94 but rule of thumb says 5 months lead time between when something would happen in the market and when a reaction could happen in publication. There’s 7 issues lead time here. Enough time for some deliberation?

I’m still willing to give the credit to Sarge.

Here’s another bit of trivia: what is Franklin Richards middle name?

—answer —

Benjamin. Named after his uncle, natch.

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