How to read an entire collection?
Start with “A”

For a long time, I had this idea that when I retired, I would re-read my entire comics collection. But awhile ago, the math made me change my mind.

I have several thousand comics. Even reading a few each day, that’s a big chunk of time. There are other things I want to read — other comics and books — which will create less time to read the collection. I may never come close to finishing.

And what if something happens to the collection? Or if I die? Reading the collection becomes more problematic than I first thought.

So I decided to just start reading it.

And it doesn’t start with “a” but “1”. “1602” has the distinction of being the first series I read of this initiative.

Along the way, I’ve posted essays of the Silver Age comics I read as part of this to a mailing list I belong to. I’ll post those here to the blog with updated facts.

A few years into this, I’ve only just finished “Ag” (Agents of Atlas). Next up: Airboy.

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