Seismic! Batman Quits The JLA!!


###Batman and the Outsiders #1
“Wars Ended…Wars Begun!” by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo; cover by Aparo.

I remember at the time this seemed like a huge deal, Batman leaving the JLA.

I liked the first year or two of Outsiders although I missed The Brave and The Bold — the title it replaced.

But, super-teams were the trend. X-Men and Teen Titans were at their peak. Every super-team seemed to sell out…. uh… sell well.

The cover says “Collector’s item!”. In 1983, it sold for 60 cents. As I type this, I see it selling for as high as $3 (Near Mint) and $99 (CGC slabbed — another slabbed copy recently sold for $52) on eBay. That’s a 500% and 16,500% increase respectively.

If you had invested that 60 cents and got 3% @ year, you’d have approx $1.41 now.

So I guess it is a “Collector’s item!”. Assuming you can get at least $3 for your copy 😉

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