The Secret Society of Super-Villains
I Don’t Know Why I Love Them

I aspire to be Roy Thomas to the SSoSV’s Justice Society.

I don’t know why but the comic has always held a fascination for me.

Maybe it’s because I tend to like B & C characters more than the A-List (never been a big Superman or Spider-Man fan). When dealing with villains, few are well known and the Secret Society mixed in many of the obscure. Membership turnover was huge — although there was a core group of reoccurring characters.

Like The Defenders, the series worked best when different characters came in and out.

While Captain Comet was the “in-house” super hero, he often teamed up with other heroes but again, not the obvious choices. Green Lantern (who didn’t have his own mag at the time), Hawkman, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Kid Flash and The Creeper. Other guest heroes — who didn’t team up with the good captain — included the JLA, JSA, and the Freedom Fighters.

The plots had some great twists. The death of Manhunter. The saga of the Wizard — an uninteresting character who turned himself around to become very interesting. From issues 11 on, the book was on fire and it’s a shame it was cancelled.

As there was no announcement at the time of it’s cancellation, I was forced to double-check the comic rack each week, hoping the comic was merely shipping late. There was villainy for you. Cancelled as it was entering it’s best period.

At different times, I’ve considered getting my SSoSV collection bound so I was happy and surprised to see DC re-issue the comic in hard cover. I was sure I was the only one who held it in high regard.

One regret is that they left out the very last piece.

Scripts for Issue 17 and 18 exist. Bob Rozakis is said to still own them — written but never paid for. Surely, DC could work out some kind of a deal with BobRo even at this late date.

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