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Theakston’s Kirby Photocopies Misappropriated by Kirby Museum

(From my friend, Mark Luebker’s FaceBook feed…) Friends, if you’ve ever read a Marvel Comic or seen a Marvel Comics movie, please share this. Greg Theakston is a friend of mine and is getting a raw deal. He loaned an … Continue reading

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Nerdist Comics Panel Podcast

But for the grace of God, Tony Isabella did not find himself in Addis Ababa in 1975, duct taped to a chair by Len Wein. I listen to a ton of podcasts. The majority are work-related. Some are news-related. Only … Continue reading

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I can’t read Jonathan Hickman every month

What I’m Reading Now… Fantastic Four TPB Vol 4 : “Three” Jonathan Hickman & Steve Epping I tried. When his first issue of Fantastic Four came out, I read it and thought no more about it. There was nothing terrible … Continue reading

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Emperor Doom

Script: David Michelinie Art: Bob Hall What if Dr. Doom succeeded in taking over the World? He’s a genius. He might actually be really good at the running the place. That is the premise of Emperor Doom, the oversized graphic … Continue reading

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