How to Unload Comics Without Earning You Money

Why would you want to consider this?

Expediency is one answer. Doing good is another.
Here are three ideas. I’ve done all three at one time or another.

1) Give them to someone.

A younger cousin of mine was a big Titans/Nightwing fan so when I was purging my Titans collection, he got them.

2) Give them to a charity.

This is tricky because you have to be conscious of content. You don’t want to be the guy a nun with a semi-automatic hunts down because you indirectly gave a 7 year old orphan a copy of Black Kiss.
However, I once gave a box of comics to the local children’s hospital. I didn’t get a tax receipt (although I got a nice letter from the hospital. Still not something I could convert to cash but, y’know, it’s nice to be appreciated 🙂 ).

3) Toss them in a dumpster

For a real comics fan, this takes a degree of mental fortitude. However, I once dumped two bundles of comics — one containing 80’s Barry Allen comics and the other 80’s Hal Jordan comics — in a dumpster. They were completely worthless and had no resale value. I couldn’t imagine anyone who would be interested in reading them. I was living in an apartment at the time and the building didn’t have recycling which was a bigger regret.

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