Antique Markets and Comics

I was at Southworks Antiques in Cambridge and picked up a few comics. Usually, antique markets are a waste of time unless you collect westerns or funny animals (then, there’s a good selection of stuff going back to the 40s and usually cheap).

One booth was mostly focused on comics and had a great selection of 60s/70s comics. What ended up in my hands? Stuff to fill holes in my collection.

Adventure Comics #419

A pedestrian Supergirl tale, a tale of Zatanna, a 50s reprint of The Phantom Stranger, the 2nd part of an Alex Toth Black Canary story (I already have the first part) and a 60s reprint of The Enchantress.

Giant Size Werewolf #4

I bought this for the Morbius appearance. A favourite character during a time when his own comic was in full swing.
There’s a bizarre but “b-movie excellent” reprint here “The Return of The Brain”. A head of a Nazi scientist makes it’s way to America to wreak havoc. There’s an amazing action scene where the hero tries to stop the head but can’t — the head starts to bounce around the room like a basketball.

Justice League of America #123

First part of the annual JLA / JSA cross-over. Guest-Starring Julius Schwartz, Elliot S. Maggin and Cary Bates.

Justice League of America #46

Origin and first appearance of the Shaggy Man.

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