I can’t read Jonathan Hickman every month

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Fantastic Four TPB Vol 4 : “Three”

Jonathan Hickman & Steve Epping

cover to Fantastic Four TPB by Jonathan Hickman Volume 4

I tried. When his first issue of Fantastic Four came out, I read it and thought no more about it. There was nothing terrible but it didn’t appeal to me at all.

And that’s not a slight against Mssr Hickman. I’m not a fan of the FF. It’s the rare writer who can draw me in, month after month, to read their book.

But I am a fan of Doctor Doom. I do tend to keep an eye out for when he might make an appearance. So there were occasions when I checked in, even bought the odd issue, and scratched my head at what was going on with the book.

Especially when the Torch died and the book was relaunched as “FF” (also standing for Reed’s academy, “The Future Foundation”). Did Doom just join the team? WTF?

I heard Hickman discuss his work a number of times on john siuntres‘ podcast, “Word Balloon“. I was impressed by the amount of thought and angles going into his writing.

So I started reading his Fantastic Four run in trades and have enjoyed them. His work is a long narrative and it works in this format.

I’ve found this with his other books as well. I was on board with him when he started “The Avengers” and especially looked forward to his depiction of The Beast (another favourite character of mine). But I dropped off after 2 issues each of “The Avengers” and “The New Avengers”. I’ll have to read those in trades.

Similarly, I bought an issue of “The Manhattan Projects”, liked it, but didn’t add it to my pull list. It did convince me to read the trade.

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