Millennium – Not So Much

8 issue mini-series. Published weekly in 1988

Steve Englehart, Joe Staton, and Ian Gibson

Millennium issue 2
Millennium came at a time when DC was on a roll.

The Crisis was long over but everything still had a shiny new gloss. Byrne was starting his second year at the helm of Superman. Firestorm seemed to be going into unchartered & interesting territory. Englehart had shaken up the status quo on Green Lantern and made that a book worth reading. DC had had two great cross-over mini series — Crisis and Legends — behind them and now here was their third… Millennium… spinning out of events in Green Lantern.

It should have been a lot better than it was. The basic premise of sleeper agents in the DCU was solid.

What was Good:
  • Lots of heroes team-up.
  • Booster Gold becomes interesting by choosing not to jeopardize his private life and wealth so he joins the Manhunters against the heroes.
  • Many of the cross-overs were quite good.
  • Woodrue (Floronic Man), a favourite, gets a starring role.
  • Driq, the dead Green Lantern, gets a good role
What was Bad:
  • Racial/sexual/cultural stereotypes
  • None of the characters are truly interesting within the series itself. Including Woodrue. Driq was an exception, though.
  • Booster Gold is somehow accepted back into the ranks of being a hero, no questions asked.
What was Odd:
  • The Titans are nowhere to be found.
  • Extrano is obviously modelled on Dr. Strange. Despite being the most ridiculed character in the series, he was also the one with the most potential.

All in all, this was a big fail for DC.

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