Savage Hulk and X-Men bundled

A Cool Bonus from Marvel Digital

the cover to Savage Hulk #1 by Alan Davis X-Men #66 the prequel to Savage Hulk #1

I bought Savage Hulk #1 partially because Alan Davis is a guaranteed good read but also because it guest-starred the X-Men set just after their original run — a favourite era and a favourite team (I’m a sucker for the originals).

I recommend this comic but what was really cool was what happened when I redeemed the comic on .

In addition to getting the digital copy of this issue, Marvel also included a copy of X-Men #66 — the 1960’s issue that, in continuity, immediately precedes Savage Hulk #1.

I had never read this issue before so it was new to me. Couple that with there was no indication that the issue was included with registering, this was a very cool surprise from Marvel.

I wonder if they’ve done this with any other of their comics?

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